Affliction - Michael Brook

Albino Alligator - Michael Brook

Army of Darkness - Danny Elfman

Article 99 - Danny Elfman

Back To The Beach - Marti Jones

Batman - Danny Elfman

Batman Returns - Elfman/Souixie & The Banshees

Beetle Juice - Danny Elfman

Bereft - Tim Daly

The Big Squeeze - The Iguanas

Cabin Boy - Steve Bartek

China Moon - source cues

Cold Blooded - Steve Bartek

Cold Feet - Tom Waits

The Creation of Aspen

Dark Man - Danny Elfman

Dead Presidents - Danny Elfman

Desperado - Los Lobos


Edward Scissorhands - Danny Elfman

Face Like a Frog - Danny Elfman

Facing Forward - Laura Paglin

Freeway - Danny Elfman

Ghostbusters II - Oingo Boingo

Goldilocks series of shorts - shot on an iPhone

Good Will Hunting (1998 Oscar nominee) - Danny Elfman

Hair Show


Hot to Trot - Danny Elfman

Keeping the Kibbutz - Ben Crosbie

La Bamba - Los Lobos

Little Big League - Stanley Clarke

Meet the Deedles - Steve Bartek

Meet Wally Sparks

Midnight Run - Danny Elfman

Mission Impossible - Danny Elfman

Mississippi Burning - Vesta Williams

My Chauffeur - The Wigs

National Lampoon's Senior Trip - Steve Bartek

Night Canvas

NightBreed - Danny Elfman

Nightmare Before Christmas - Danny Elfman

No Small Affair - Demi Moore

Orgazmo - Paul Robb

Pass The Ammo - 57 Braves

Pee Wee's Big Top - Danny Elfman

Phenomenon - Peter Gabriel

Point Break - Shark Island

Purple Rain - Prince

Radioactive Dreams - Sue Saad/Gary Pickus

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion - Steve Bartek

Scrooged - Danny Elfman

The Secret Garden - Danny Elfman

Shout - Steve Bartek/Womack/Womack

Shrunken Heads - Danny Elfman

Summer School - Danny Elfman

The Tigger Movie - Sherman Brothers

Things to Do In Denver W/Y Dead - Steve Weisberg

To Die For - Danny Elfman

Under Siege - source cues

Wisdom - Danny Elfman


The Fan Connection

We Are Not Princesses

California’s Forgotten Children

Burden of Genius

Bird of Prey

From the Ground  Up

Journey Without a Map

The Last Animals

Forever Faithful

Everything Must Change

For Sardar

Off the Rails


Be About It

Deej (Peabody Award)

Twice Upon a Time

Days in the Quarter


I Am a Fine Musician

Dwayne's Photo

Red Father

Black Beauty Breed

The Paw Project

Curtain Up

The Long Bike Back

Behind the Blue Veil

Fate of a Salesman

Facing Forward

The Second Cooler

Granny's Got Game

Fight Like a Girl

Surviving Disaster

Keeping the Kibbutz - PBS version

Rick Carter - A Day in the Life

My Marilyn

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